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Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's Get Digital: Selfpubbing, Self-publishing and Indie Publishing News: List of Indie Authors Who Sold Thousands of eBooks per Month

Thanks to,,, and many other sites, indie writers are finally connecting with the readers who purchase ereaders and ebooks. Indie authors have been wise enough to use this direct connection and relationship with their readers. Doing so allows them to nurture this relationship. Selfpubbed writers have found a new gold mine. As long as their stories are relevant to their target audience, they will sell ebooks. The arrival of tablets has simplified the consumption of selfpublished stories and novels in various genres.

Here is a list of top sellers of ebooks on the Kindle Amazon publishing platform. Think again if you thought that Amanda Hocking was the only mega money maker of selfpubbed ebooks. John Locke has done it his way after realizing that this was a great business idea. He even wrote the book about it.

Take a look at this monthly sales list of top Kindle indie authors:

Blake Crouch – 2500+
Nathan Lowell – 2500+
Beth Orsoff – 2500+
Sandra Edwards – 2500+
Vianka Van Bokkem - 2500+
Maria Hooley – 2500+
C.S. Marks – 2500+
Lee Goldberg – 2500+
Lexi Revellian – 4000+
Zoe Winters – 4000+
Aaron Patterson – 4000+
Bella Andre – 5000+
Imogen Rose – 5000+
Ellen Fisher – 5000+
Tina Folsom – 5000+
Terri Reid – 5000+
David Dalglish – 5000+
Scott Nicholson – 10,000+
J.A. Konrath 10,000+
Victorine Lieske – 10,000+
L.J. Sellers – 10,000+
Michael R. Sullivan – 10,000+
H.P. Mallory – 20,000+
Selena Kitt – 20,000+
Stephen Leather – 40,000+
Amanda Hocking – 100,000+

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